2016 Mustang Body-In-White Announced

The 2016 Mustang Body-In-White (BIW) production body has just been announced for first-quarter 2016 availability by Ford Performance Parts.

Being sold for off-road race competition only, the BIW comes painted white and includes hood, doors and decklid.

Ford Performance will also be offering a Competition Kit that includes the BIW and adds factory exterior trim, interior trim, and select suspension components and hardware required to build a drag race S550 Mustang.

“Some race car builds can be challenging to start with a factory assembled car, a bare body provides an ideal platform for customized builds or back-halved cars”, said Jesse Kershaw, Drag Race Parts and Competition manager. “The body-in-white is the perfect starting point for racers with a donor vehicle, or step up to the Competition Kit for the rest of the factory hardware.”

See the full details on the 2016 Mustang Body-In-White in the FORUMS.