2016 GT350 Mustang Production Numbers Leaked

While we are still awaiting official word from Ford about how many 2016 Shelby GT350 and GT350R Mustangs will be produced as well as how many model years the Ford Performance vehicles will run, we may have just gotten the unofficial word from a major Mustang dealership.

According to Manny Galvin (“Mustang Manny”) of Gaudin Ford in a Facebook post that has since been removed, the 2016 GT350 Mustang production numbers were released (to the dealership, we presume) and they will be:

  • GT350 Mustang: 5,000/year
  • GT350R Mustang: 500/year

He also states that Ford plans to make the GT350 Mustang a 5-year production vehicle.

Of course, nothing is official until we hear it directly from Ford, but based on his track record, this could be a good indication of what to expect.

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