2015/2016 SVT Mustang to get “Voodoo” engine?

It has been widely speculated that the more cramped engine bay (see pictures) of the S550 Mustang and European pedestrian safety laws would not allow for the 5.8L Supercharged Trinity engine of the GT500 to be used in its successor, which is likely to be developed by the SVT team.

Most of the rumors have pointed to a new engine for the next generation GT350/500 SVT variant, code-named “Voodoo,” speculated to be a 5.2L naturally-aspirated and high-revving engine that may or may not implement a flat plane crank design.  The first video of the SVT Mustang that we brought to you a few months ago certainly did not sound like one.

Many questions still remain…  Will this motor be a clean sheet design or will it be based off of the GT Mustang’s Coyote block?

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