1416 RWHP 2015 Mustang GT

Hellion Power Systems has outdone themselves again in impressive fashion.  The company has swapped its 55mm twin turbos for the 2015+ Mustang GT for an upgraded 64mm Precision twin turbo unit.

After the installation the company headed to The Dyno Edge for a few dyno pulls on E70 fuel and saw an incredible 1,416 horsepower (29 psi) to the wheels.  Of course all that power needs a track to truly show off its capabilities and Hellion had already joined the 8-second club with a 8.90 run when the Mustang GT had a meager 1,100 RWHP.

Hellion plans to bring this bolt-on upgraded twin turbo Coyote back to the drag strip for more ET thumping.

Check out Hellion’s dyno video in the forums.