1100+ HP Twin Turbo Shelby GT350 [Video]

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Fathouse Fabrications just unleashed the beast with its 2016+ Shelby GT350 1000R Twin Turbo Package and showed off its other worldly power potential on this custom GT350 build.

This GT350 features upgraded billet oil pump gears and crank sprocket but an otherwise untouched engine internals. Fathouse turned it up all the way to show what their 1000R twin turbo package is capable of, pushing the GT350 to over 1100 horsepower!

Capable of making 750WHP on 93 octane, 950WHP on E85 or race fuel, and low 10-second quarter mile times, the 1000R package featuresĀ Garrett Gen2 GTX dual ball bearing turbochargers, hand-built stainless steel turbo headers and full custom stainless steel exhaust sans mufflers, to name just a few of the upgrades.

Check out video of the incredible power shown on this 1100+ horsepower twin turbo Shelby GT350 dyno pull.


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