Update: Recent 2015 Mustang s550 Prototype Spy Pics Photoshopped?

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The plot thickens my friends. A few weeks ago we obtained spy photos of a supposed 2015 Mustang s550 prototype.  Today, we obtained 2 additional photos that appear to be the raw (pre-photoshopped) versions of the pictures we originally posted.  When compared to the ones showing the Mustang on the ground, it is immediately obvious that these raw images were subsequently photoshopped.

As pointed out by some of our users, notice how the wrinkles, lines and shadows of the car cover and the wheel positioning is identical to the KPG photos despite one set of pictures showing the Mustang on a flatbed, and the other [apparently] on the ground. Especially interesting is that the second picture blurs out whatever is on top of and around the Mustang.

The question remains, what does this mean? Did Ford work with the spy photographers to release these pictures as a red herring, to prevent bad publicity from a mechanical breakdown or crash, or does the blur reveal something they wanted to keep secret?

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