2015 Mustang GT Twin Turbo Development by Speed By Design

Our friends at Speed By Design have just started on an ambitious twin turbo 2015 Mustang GT development and we have your first sneak peek at the awesomeness of this turbocharged V8 build.

After putting the new platform through its paces, SBD knew it had to develop a turbo kit with the goal of running 9’s with its daily driver street car.  This meant sparing no expense in its design — SBD decided it had to replace the factory headers and move to true purpose-built, tubular turbo v-band headers for maximum flow and less restriction.

Using custom tubular headers, SBD was able to position the turbochargers directly off the engine for the fastest response possible and reduce engine bay heat by moving the turbochargers away from the factory fans and molded plastic components.

Following along the full twin-turbo build as SBD plans to have its development car on the road in the next three weeks.