Shelby GT350R Carbon Fiber Wheels (Set) Retail For More Than A New Focus ST?

Since the introduction of the Shelby GT350R Mustang and its headliner carbon fiber wheels, many Mustang enthusiasts have wondered what it would cost to buy the wheels separately and fit them onto the standard Shelby GT350 or other S550 Mustang.

We may now have our first indication of the cost in the aftermarket. This invoice from M6G member RustedAngel suggests that dealers will sell these wheels for around $7,000 for each wheel or close to $30,000 for a set of these carbon fiber wheels made by Carbon Revolution of Australia.

Yes folks, that is more than the MSRP of the 2015 Focus ST.  And we are told that even at this price they are not including the centercaps!

While that is certainly a hefty price tag, Ford told us that these wheels were heavily engineered in order to be mass produced for a road vehicle.  Ford and Carbon Revolution developed a special coating to protect the carbon fiber resins from UV degradation and road salt (for those of us brave enough to drive the GT350R in the white stuff).

Although this pricing does not tell us the cost that Ford Motor Company will charge direct for the GT350R wheels, it may indicate the big markup that we may expect them to fetch in the retail market.

Check out the PRICING SHEET in the forums.