Mustang Sold Out in Australia Until 2017

Supply for the new Ford Mustang, the first factory right-hand drive to be officially sold in Australia, is a drop in the bucket compared to the incredible demand the S550 Mustang has generated down under.

With over 4,000 deposits placed by Australians (and 20,000 expressions of interest), the new Mustang is officially sold out until 2017, with about 500 Mustangs that will be delivered to customers before Christmas, the first batch of which arrived in Melbourne yesterday.

The S550 shows signs of being a major boon to the pony car with early demand outpacing that of the homegrown Ford Falcon and customers opting for the Mustang GT at a ratio of 9-to-1.

Australian Mustang6G members have been tracking the every move and update regarding delivery of these vehicles, with dozens awaiting their own S550 Mustangs to be delivered.

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