Report: 7th Gen Mustang (S650) Delayed Until 2026 or Beyond

A new report claims that the next generation Mustang, codename S650, has been delayed even further than originally reported — to at least the 2026 model year.

Previous reports had marked the start of production for the 7th generation Mustang at March 2022, but now sources of Automobile claim that the S650 Mustang, which is expected to be built on the CD6 architecture to be shared with the latest Ford Explorer, has been pushed back to the 2026 model year at the earliest — adding that another source puts it at the 2028 or 2029 model year.

If accurate, this would stretch the current S550 Mustang lifespan to 11-14 years, which even by pony car standards is on the long side.

The same report claims that the S550 Mustang will receive a major mid-cycle facelift to update its current D2C platform and reskin it with new sheetmetal “from nose to tail” while concurrently adding the Mustang Hybrid model, reportedly for the 2022 calendar year.

Check out the full report inside.