Project 6G Build by Dusold Designs: Preparing a 2015 Mustang GT for SCCA & Competition

As part of our growing vendor journals, Dusold Designs shares with us its “Project 6G” build.

With their Performance Pack 2015 Mustang GT with 6-speed manual transmission and Recaro seats, Dusold Designs has big plans to build its development car for SCCA, time trial, and Ultimate street car competition.

What exactly does that entail? More power, less weight, better handling, and lowered suspension.  Dusold’s Mustang GT will be fitted with twin turbos, full exhaust, full suspension, aero, brake upgrade, and 19×12-inch wheels wrapped in 325/30-19s at all four corners.

They’ve already scaled the stock car and strapped it to a dyno after some initial break-in miles — putting down an impressive 395RWHP and 367 RWTQ on a Dynojet.

To follow along with this build, check the FORUMS.