Petty’s Garage: 2016 Mustang GT King Editions

Petty’s Garage is building three special edition 2016 Mustang GTs dubbed the King Edition models. The 243 King edition, 43 King Premier and 14 King Premier convertibles being built will each be powered by the 5.0L with Ford Performance supercharger.

The standard King edition will put out 670 horsepower with a three-year 36,000 mile limited warranty and buyers can upgrade all three editions to a smaller supercharger pulley for an optional 727 horsepower.

The King Premiere edition upgrades the standard HRE staggered 20×9″ front wheels and 20×10″ rear wheels in favor of HRE/Petty’s Garage wheels as well as six-piston front brakes and four-piston rears, and Petty’s Garage/BASF custom tri-color stripe package featuring the iconic Petty blue paint.

The King edition Mustang GT which will be limited to only 243-built, starts at a suggested retail price of $67,495 while the King Premier  and King Premier convertibles — only 43 and 14 vehicles being made, respectively — have an MSRP of $90,495.

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