2015 Mustang Okay to Buy Achieved, Retail Order Scheduling Begins this Week!

We have great news for most of the now 440 orders placed by Mustang6G members who have been patiently waiting for their retail orders to begin scheduling.  This is the week!

Yes, word from the Blue Oval is that the Okay to Buy has been achieved for most of the coupe configurations (noted exceptions below).  Retail Mustang orders will begin scheduling this Thursday, September 25!

The only exceptions right now are the 3.7L engine with manual transmission (P8A & P8E) and custom configurations with the premier color accent package with red line Recaro seats (51 trim).

Also note that Convertible orders (P8E & P8F) will not be available for scheduling until Job #2 which is not expected until the end of this month.

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