MMFF Speculates on 2015 Mustang s550

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The latest issue (July) of MMFF provides their latest speculations on the 2015 Mustang s550, as well as the render by our site member JohnnyGMachine.

The most notable part reads:  “Now we’re on the cusp of an all-new S-550 global chassis that will be fitted under the new-generation Stang. There have been many guesses at the styling (you can find dozens of “guesses” on the Internet), and according to our sources, some have been close, but none exact. The 5.0L and IRS is all but confirmed and we expect an interior that will knock your socks off. Will it be smaller and lighter? Sadly, don’t hold your breath, but we hear a power increase is in order and we hear the brakes and handling will be amazing.

We’re confident Ford will get the formula right. Many enthusiasts are screaming for the continued retro look, but personally, I am tired of it. I want the next Mustang to be modern, but with classic cues. If you want a ’69 Mustang, there are plenty for sale. My request: build us something representative of the times and I’ll be in line to buy one.

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