Matt’s GT350 Intake, Headers, Exhaust, & Tune Case Study

Mustang6G member Matt (Money2536) has been documenting his 2016 GT350 ownership since he took delivery back in October of last year, with a series of write-ups and videos in his GT350 build journal which chronicles the meticulous detailing, modifications and general ownership issues experienced by one obsessed car enthusiast.

In his latest video journal, Matt documents the installation of the American Racing Headers GT350 full catted exhaust system , JLT Performance’s hydrocarbon cold air intake and the Lund Racing nGauge with custom tuning.

After doing a full live install of the ARH exhaust system at Titan Motorsports, Matt was off to analyze the acoustic results of the new exhaust note with a comparison with that of the GT350’s OEM exhaust, OEM exhaust sans resonator and the full ARH system.

In his post-modification drive and comparison dyno, we get a look at the results from this GT350 owner’s case study using a few of the more popular available options for the GT350 when it comes to improving power, sound and feel.

Check out Matt’s GT350 intake, headers, exhaust and tune case study in our forums.