M6G Giveaway: J&M Products 2015+ Mustang Rear Subframe Alignment Kit

We’ve teamed up again with our friends at J&M Products for another Mustang6G Giveaway Contest!

The S550 Mustang’s subframe mounting holes can have excessive clearance and cause issues with the subframe to cross member alignment of up to a half-inch from side-to-side.

This excessive clearance of the mounting holes in relation to the bolts can result in potential issues with the 4-wheel alignment from the front to the rear suspension components.

To combat the issue, J&M Products has created a rear subframe alignment kit.

The centering bushings part # 25315 are made from CNC machined 6061 billet aluminum, then Anodized to Mil A 8625 Type 2 specification for a clear corrosion resistant coating.

CNC aluminum billet sleeves slide into the subframe holes that have a significant amount of clearance from side to side from the factory. Should you remove your crossmember from the subframe these bushings assure a proper alignment every time it gets bolted back in.

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