Mishimoto S550 Automatic Transmission Cooler R&D

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As many owners know full well by now, the S550 Mustang’s computer will automatically limit RPMs when the sensors detect that the transmission is overheating.

Whether you are taking your Mustang to the track or doing any sort of hard driving, you may have considered the addition of a transmission cooler and here, the team at Mishimoto has you covered.

The company has been hard at work over the past year developing various parts for the 2015-present Mustang GT, including an entire line of cooling products; they are now working on a transmission cooler for the Mustang GT.

“Our game plan is to go with the design that Ford laid out for this S550, but with some improvements. We will stick with the stock-style liquid-to-air heat exchanger, and increase its size. The stock trans cooler is located between the radiator and the AC condenser, so we do not have a ton of room to work with in increasing the width of the cooler. However, there is room to increase the height of the cooler, which will add some additional capacity.”

To be exact, the Mishimoto cooler is 50-percent larger than the stock cooler with 20 rows as opposed to the OEM cooler’s 10 rows.

With the Mishimoto prototype designed, modeled and tested for fitment, the next step in its development is to put the cooler through its paces on the track. Stay tuned for all of the results.

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