KAR Motorsports and Hellion Turbo Unleash 935HP S550 Mustang

Hellion Power Systems’ twin turbochargers for the S550 help deliver 935 horsepower to the tires in this 2015 Mustang GT custom built by Carlos Gomez of KAR Motorsports.

Our friends at Hot Rod give us an inside look at this intrepid build which features Hellion’s twin turbo installation featuring 62mm Precision turbochargers using 16 psi positive manifold pressure, 95-lb/hr Deatschwerks injectors and a JMS ignition booster (24 volts, 44 amps). Using the E2000 Turbosmart controller, KAR is able to adjust the level of boost at will.

This powerful S550 is just as bold on the outside too, with a heavy dose of carbon fiber parts including carbon fiber roof striping, Trufiber carbon hood, multilayered carbon fiber front spoiler, wheel arches and quad-exhaust specific bumper.

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