How the GT350 Voodoo V8 Engine Looks After 12k Track Miles, And How One Owner is Refreshing It

Most of us will never hit 12k track miles in our S550 Mustangs, much less in our lifetime. But M6G member honeybadger (Kevin)’s GT350 already has hit that mark. And we’re benefitting from his track rat habits as he now has his engine out of the car and gives us a vicarious look into how well (or not) the Voodoo 5.2L V8 has held up, as well as ideas for refreshing the GT350 engine.

Follow along inside as Kevin shares with us the condition of the crank and cylinder walls, and the wear amount on the main and rod bearings. He also lays out his specific plans to refresh it before the 2019 track season, by beefing up the valve train, machining heads, replacing crank/rod bearings and cam bearings, as well as adding better oil cooling. Be sure to subscribe for ongoing updates.