Hellion Twin Turbo GT350R Mustang Cranks Out Over 1,000 HP

The Ford Shelby GT350R was never intended to be an all-out power machine, but as most Mustang fans will tell you there is never enough horsepower. That’s why Jim Guthrie, owner of this GT350R sought the expertise of the forced-induction crack squad at Hellion Power Systems.

With a long history of producing record-breaking power, Hellion knew it could bring the 5.2-liter flat plane crank Voodoo engine to the next level, having already notched over 1,160 RWHP with twin 55 turbos on conventional cross-plane crank vehicles.

To do so, Hellion owner John Urist and company had to upgrade the GT350’s engine internals, replacing the stock valve springs, oil pump gears, pistons, rods, and other parts, as well as upgrading the stock fuel system for a built, bolt-on Hellion Eliminator twin turbo system with Precision 55mm turbochargers.

The end result — this bad boy cranked out a whopping 1,081 RWHP on a Dynojet chassis dyno, making it currently the most powerful GT350R Mustang in the world!

Check out the build details and dyno video of this Hellion Eliminator Twin Turbo Shelby GT350R.