Hellion Turbo 2015 Mustang GT Installation & Dyno

The first production Hellion Turbo kit was installed in a 2015 Mustang GT a few weeks ago and Hellion wasted no time strapping it to a dyno after the installation.

The test vehicle made 624 RWHP with only 7.8 max psi through high flow cats and a Bassani exhaust.  The great news — the dyno graph shows that the kit makes 7 psi by 3500 rpm, and makes 400 RWHP at only 3800 rpm.  It then carries the power and torque all the way into high RPM.

The Hellion Turbo kit is available with twin 55mm turbos or an upgrade to 62 or 64mm turbos which Hellion reports is capable of over 1250 RWHP!

See the DYNO GRAPH in the forums.