GT350R x Signature Wheel SV108

The GT350R Mustang’s carbon fiber wheels paired with the Michelin Sport Cup 2 tires make for an amazing performer on the track, but for regular street driving and longevity, many R owners opt to swap out the wheels and tires for a set that is more road-friendly and less prone to expensive damage.

Like Mustang6G user 50 Deep, who thanks to our friends at Positive G Motorworks picked up a set of 19-inch Signature Wheel’s SV108  wrapped with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires.

The SV108 wheels weigh 23-pounds and 22-pounds, front and rear, respectively. It’s a forged aluminum mono-block design with brake caliper clearance that is even greater than stock.

As this GT350R owner notes, the driver side of the car is finished in a brushed tinted bronze, and the passenger a brushed triple black clear. The color gives the wheels a lot of depth and they react different under changing lighting.

Check out the photos of this beautiful 2016 GT350R with the Signature Wheel SV108.