GT350 Mustang Will Have Over 520 HP, and Other Details in Q&A with Ford’s Shelby Brand Manager

Yesterday, during the GT350 Mustang’s appearance at the Texas World Speedway, Ford’s Shelby/Boss brand manager, Jim Owens was on hand to chat with enthusiasts and answer questions.

M6G member Backorder who snapped up pictures and video of the Avalanche Gray GT350 Mustang also recorded the Q&A session in which Mr. Owens provided more details and a few juicy hints regarding the latest high powered Mustang from Ford Performance.

Among the highlights, it has been confirmed that the GT350 has a redline of 8250 RPM and be above 100 horsepowers per liter, meaning its 5.2L flat plane crank engine should generate more than 520 horsepowers.

As for the model year — Ford has made it no secret that the vehicle will be available late 2015, so why has it still refrained from calling it a 2016 model year vehicle in any official statements or literature?  To this, Mr. Owens replied, “we haven’t divulged the model year yet and there is a reason for that” while also clarifying that the GT350 will be available “earlier in the fourth quarter.”

When Ford ramps up the GT350 marketing machine later in the year, look for it to tour the major road courses across the country to showcase its prowess on the track.  Locations being considered include Leguna Seca, Road America, Watkins Glen, and Sebring, among others.

This will be a fitting prelude to the upcoming GT350S Mustang race car which was all but confirmed in this Q&A.

As for production numbers?  Mr. Owens stated, “it would be safe to say it would be somewhere between the Boss 302 number and the current GT500 number and I wouldn’t be surprised if the R might be akin to … the Leguna Seca version.”

Listen to the FULL Q&A audio for other interesting details.