GT350 Exhaust Videos (Cats and Resonator Removal)

With every new Mustang introduction, the months and years that follow are often spent by owners mixing and matching the exhaust setup to find the one combination that is literally music to their ears.

This tradition continues with the 2015+ Shelby GT350, easily one of the most unique and exotic sounding high performance Mustangs ever produced. That fact, of course, has not stopped GT350 owners from tinkering.

M6G member Matt (mattlqx), who picked up his Deep Impact Blue 2016 Shelby GT350 with tech package at the turn of the new year, has been testing different setups with the stock mufflers and keeping or removing the stock resonators and catalytic converters.

To the benefit of all GT350 owners, Matt tested each of the four setups below and managed to grab short idle videos of three of the four setups, with the cat-less and resonator-less configuration being so loud that it caused the video to stop recording!

1)  Stock. Resonators + Cats + Mufflers
2)  No Cats + Stock Resonators + Stock Mufflers
3)  No Cats + No Resonators + Stock Mufflers
4)  No Resonators + Stock Cats + Stock Mufflers

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