Whipple really treated me this way!!!


Jan 22, 2019
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2015 Mustang 5.0
Recently I purchased a Stage 2 Whipple Supercharger kit. As many of us know, the installation cost of these kits are highly expensive; therefore, many of us tackle this job in our garage to reduce expenses. With that being said, self installation is the route that I took with mediocre mechanical knowledge. The install took me approximately three days with many breaks and runs to the hardware store. The instructions that Whipple provide are straight-forward which helped out a ton. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions and avoid taking shortcuts.

Once the project was finalized, I had many small issues that arose which included the IMRC harness connector on the rear of the block becoming disconnected, failing to bleed the intercooler properly, and tuning issues. Thankfully, with the help from members of the forum and the team at Whipple these issues were resolved.

This is where things became shocking with Whipple...

Whipple's preferred way of communicating with customers is via email (with customer ticket number) through their customer support located on their webpage. This line of communication is very frustrating at times because we as customers want assistance immediately and we want to hear a human's voice during this type of communication. This made me become very irritated because I constantly had to wait to receive a response in regards to my questions. I just spent over $8,000 for this product, I need help, and you're having me wait for a response? I was not enthused about this type of communication, but I didn't have a choice. Once Whipple responded to me they advised me to modify features within Guardian, turn off traction control, ensure the grade of my fuel is good, and a list of other stuff that did not work. Multiple data logs were sent and they advised that I was not getting full spark which resulted with inconsistent power throughout the RPM range. Great, so you guys found out the issue, now what are you going to do to fix it.

So this is what they do next. They sent me an email and advised that they were going to overnight ship a Tomahawk flash tool to my residence and rebuild a personal file to re-flash my car. The flash tool arrived to my residence the next day, the information they requested was sent to them and they responded back to me in a timely manner with the new file. The new file was programmed to my car and my issue was finally resolved (cheers).

I am truly thankful for the service that Whipple provided to me. Initially, I was disgruntled with communicating via email; however, this line of communication allowed us to communicate after hours and kept a log of what we discussed. As we all know, when we have issues with a product and communicate via phone, we rarely speak to the same person. This causes us to explain things several times to each person we speak with which can become exhausting. Whipple has a great team of people that are professional, patient, and knowledgeable. Anybody that is debating on going forced induction, Whipple is the way to go.


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