Video: Installing Fore Innovations L2 Fuel System

Discussion in 'DIY' started by oesman, Mar 11, 2018.

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    Hey guys, just finished another video I thought would be good for DIY here. I realize there are other threads on the Fore Innovations installation, but I thought a video would be helpful.


    I got my kit from Hypermotive and it contained the following parts:

    Fore Innovations 42-800 Dual Pump Module
    Fore Innovations 18-900 2011-2016 Mustang GT Fuel Rails
    Fore Innovations 15-902 F2i Fuel Pressure Regulator
    Fore Innovations 23-100 FC2 Dual Pump Controller
    2x TI Automotive W-F90000267 Fuel Pump (450 lph)
    Fore Innovations 200049 Mechanical Fuel Pressure Gauge
    Fore Innovations 16-100 88mm Inline Fuel Filter
    Eaton Aeroquip Startlite -8 (1/2") Fuel Hose

    The install overall is not very hard, nothing is super difficult to reach or do. It's just a lot of parts and it can seem daunting because there isn't a step by step guide, since these are custom systems. If you take your time you can install it on jack stands without too much trouble.

    Personally I would not use the Startlite hose again, it ended up being way too permeable and gives off a lot of fuel smell under pressure. It starts to dissipate over time if the car sits and pressure drops, but if you daily drive it will stink up your garage bad. I don't daily drive my car, it's a track toy, so I will eventually switch to PTFE but it's low-ish priority. The Startlite hose is stupid easy to install and I can see why that would be useful on a track car, but you'd have to have a huge shop or not care about the gas smell. My "shop" is ~1,500sqft and it stinks it up.
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    Great video. When I go to install mine do you mind if you PM you about it?

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