The ULTIMATE street/strip Mustang IRS Suspension from BMR & Lethal Performance!

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    The last time we saw Kelly over at BMR Suspension was about 2 years ago when we brought him Project Goldmember, our 2018 Mustang GT, to get all the goodies he recommended. These goodies led us to building one of our most popular packages EVER: the S550 Bread & Butter Suspension Package.

    Flashback to 2 years ago: Kelly told us that the parts installed in the Bread & Butter kit would get us to a 1.2x 60’ and well… we did! Jared went a 1.27 60’ out at Palm Beach International Raceway with just the Bread & Butter kit and a set of Mickey Thompson ET Street drag radials (the car has a stock 10R80 with the McLeod clutch & steel kit and a Circle D Converter).

    Bring it back to 2020 and our own team member Logan picked up a new 2020 Mustang GT to play with so it was only right we revisit BMR Suspension in Seffner, FL to work out a Bread & Butter sequel, since BMR has introduced a few new parts over the last couple of years.

    We were fortunate enough to have the #suspensionking himself Kelly Aiken come hang out with us and tell us why each piece is an integral part of the package and what their features are. Along with the new BMR pieces, Logan also had some Viking front coilovers installed as well as Viking’s latest triple adjustable shocks. We’ll go over these in the next episode.

    Check it out.

    Prefer to read? We got you.



    CLICK HERE to check it out!


    TCA048 - Vertical Links w/ Poly Bushings

    CB005 - Camber Lockout Kit

    TR005 - Adjustable Toe Rod Links

    BK055 - Lower Control Arm Bushings

    CB762 - IRS Brace Kit

    M-5A460-M - Knuckle to Toe Link Bearing Assembly

    Optional upgrades installed in the video:

    UCA762 - Adjustable Camber Links

    WAK761H Rear Camber Lockout Kit

    Plus ViKing front & rear suspension to be discussed in the next episode…

    Let’s go over each part of the Bread & Butter package and let you know why you’ll want it on your car.


    TCA048 - Vertical Links with polyurethane bushings

    The BMR Suspension Vertical Links feature in-house made polyurethane bushings that do not add any NVH and also feature internal grease flutes, eliminating the need to remove them for grease maintenance. These links will help to decrease deflection in the rear suspension. They aren’t the biggest piece of the puzzle but they are definitely an integral part of the system to stabilize the knuckle to the control arm.

    Click here to check out the TCA048 Vertical Links with polyurethane bushings in BLACK or RED


    CB005 - Cradle Bushing Lockout Kit

    The BMR Suspension Cradle Bushing Lockout Kit is one of the most popular IRS parts available for the S550. The lockout kit is designed to eliminate cradle bushing deflection, one of the biggest causes of wheel hop. By locking the cradle bushings into place, the kit eliminates any movement on any place (forwards, backwards and side to side).

    When paired with the CB762 braces, this kit eliminates nearly 100% of cradle deflection.

    Click here to check out the CB005 Cradle Bushing Lockout Kit in BLACK or RED


    CB762 - 4-Piece Rear IRS Bracing System

    These braces have been introduced since we had Project Goldmember over at BMR Suspension and we’re a little jealous of #projectlogiebear getting them! As mentioned, when paired with the Cradle Bushing Lockout Kit (CB005), the BMR Suspension 4-piece IRS Bracing System will eliminate nearly 100% of deflection. When installed with the lockout kit, the pieces perform as a solid differential bushing (without the added NVH). BMR saw the need for the braces and went through multiple designs until they got to where they wanted to be. These braces build off the rigidity that the CB005 create and add to it by bracing the front leg of the subframe (an area that sees significant loads) to a super heavy duty plate underneath the sway bar mounts and tying them all together at the rear bushing mount. These three points create a locked solid rear.

    Click here to check out the CB762 4-Piece Rear IRS Bracing System in BLACK or RED


    BK055 - Rear Lower Control Arm Spherical Bushing Kit

    The Rear Lower Control Arm Spherical Bushing Kit from BMR Suspension is ofter overlooked, mostly because the installation is a bit daunting, however it is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. These bushings (or bearings, whatever you’d like to call them) are comparable to replacing the lower control arm on an S197.

    The OEM lower control arm bushings are made from soft rubber with air pockets which on a stock, street vehicle have no issues but when pushing the car these pockets will create excess movement. When installed, the BMR Suspension BK055 bushings are a large, spherical design with no movement and will prevent the wheels from moving forwards & backwards on hard launches or acceleration.

    Click here to check out the BK055 Rear Lower Control Arm Spherical Bushing Kit


    TR005 - Double Adjustable Rear Toe Rods

    The OEM toe links aren’t necessarily bad pieces and they get a bad rap because the OEM bushing in them has good articulation, often confused with being worn out. One of the biggest weak points in the OEM toe link, however, is the fact that it comes with an eccentric bolt that often slips and will cause a change of alignment. That’s where the BMR Suspension Double Adjustable Rear Toe Rods come into play. The (newly redesigned) TR005 rods come with a spherical bearing design that replaces the factory eccentric bolt and also has lockout plates to be sure there is no movement and in turn no changes in alignment.

    These toe rods will do best when paired with both the UCA762 Camber Links from BMR Suspension and the M-5A460-M Toe Link Bearings from Ford Performance.

    Click here to check out the TR005 Double Adjustable Rear Toe Rods in BLACK or RED


    UCA762 - Billet Adjustable Camber Links

    Another large piece of the alignment in the rear is the BMR Suspension Billet Adjustable Camber Links. Some of the links on the market place the adjuster in the center of the arm, which works, but can also lead to breakage as you put high stress on the turnbuckle adjuster. The BMR Camber Links have a turnbuckle on the end of the link with a jam nut to lock it in place after adjustment and a rod end. The main benefit of the camber links is to align the rear wheels properly for the most contact patch on the tire… aka MOST TRACTION. Oh and proper tire wear. Nobody wants to wear out one side of a tire (well, almost nobody). When installed with the WAK761 Rear Camber Adjustment Lockout Kit, you are able to choose the mounting position best for your application and insure that it won’t slip from that position.

    CLICK HERE to check out the UCA762 Billet Adjustable Camber Links

    You can purchase each of these items on their own but we’ve also put them together in the Bread & Butter II package available here at Lethal Performance.

    CLICK HERE to grab yours!

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