[Survey] Commonalities of 18+ GT owners that got engine replacements?

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What symptoms accompanied your 18+ engine replacement?

  1. Metal in oil filter

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  2. Rough idle

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  3. Knocks that increased with acceleration

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  4. Any combination of A, B or C

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  5. Neither A B or C (write symptom in thread.)

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    Hey All!

    So in going through horror stories in an unhealthy cycle of research while my car is being looked at, it seems replacements usually stem from:

    • Metal in the oil filter
    • Rough idle/loss of power
    • Knocks that increase with acceleration

    Rather than the more commonly known engine tick on its own. I've experienced what I think might be some loss of power, and I have the the tick, but it doesn't increase with speed/acceleration, and the loss of power isn't accompanied by any rough idle, I stay at about 650rpm throughout if I'm at a stop.

    Anyways, I guess my question to the community is: have any of y'all had an engine replaced without any of the three symptoms bulleted above? I figure making a thread like this could help either give peace of mind to those that don't need a new engine, and some ammo to fight for repairs for those that do.

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