Arkansas Sold 2016 Mustang VMP Gen2r and Goodies Sold

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    Hello All,

    I'm selling my favorite car before I die in it. I cannot seem to control myself and this car is just too much fun, so hopefully someone will buy this and appreciate all the work.

    2016 Base Mustang GT w/19,000 miles - Asking $35,000 OBO - Please read post if you want to make an offer

    VMP Gen2r 2.3L Supercharger
    PMAS 120 CAI
    79mm Pulley (Have 85mm as well)
    Whipple Twin 68mm Throttle Body
    DeastchWerks 95lb Injectors
    Fore L2 Fuel System
    -8 Feed
    -8 Return
    PTFE w/Steel Braiding
    Microglass Filter​
    Kooks 1-7/8" Long Tubes
    Currently setup with Cat deletes, but I have the Green Cats to go with it​
    Borla 60661 Resonate X-Pipe
    FRPP by Borla Touring Axle Backs
    PBD E85 Tune in car
    VMP 85mm 91 Octane Tune
    VMP 85mm E85 Tune
    I realize you cannot just get on the tune update program from VMP or PBD without purchasing a tune, but these give you some options to start​
    SCT-X4 Tuner w/Tunes mentioned above
    Boundary Oil Pump Gears
    Boundary Crank Sprocket Gear
    UPR Passenger Side Catch Can
    UPR Driver Side Vent
    Reische 170º Thermostat​
    Tremec TR6060 Swap
    DSS One Piece Aluminum Driveshaft
    GForce Renegade Axles
    Exedy ET03XD Twin Disc Clutch
    Torsen 3.73 Swap​
    BMR SP086 Drag Lowering Springs - All (4) corners
    BMR CB005 Lockout Kit
    BMR CK051 Differential Bushings
    BMR TCA045 Vertical Links
    BMR TR005 Toe Links
    FRPP Toe Link Bearings
    Viking 258 Double Adjustable Shocks​
    Roush Front Fascia
    AMR 19 X 9 Fronts - Continential DWS06 Extreme Contact 255/45
    AMR 18 X 10 Rears - Mickey Thompson SS 305/40

    I also have all of the stock parts that I would include with the sell - like an MT82, original driveshaft, and axles.

    I am asking $35,000, but I am open to reasonable offers. I think this is inline with what cars are selling for, but I am sensible to logic if you want to make an offer. This will make a great car for someone that has a little more self control than I do.

    Thanks again for reading!!!


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