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    Shout out to J&M in the middle of corona virus their customer service is unmatched. J&M are really supporting us racers. Everyone else is late responding to orders, late processing orders, and blaming late arrival on shippers. With J&M order placed, processed, and 2 days later in my hand! No one is providing this level of service today and I got packages coming from everywhere.

    So far I have J&M stainless steel braided brake lines, upper shock mounts, Vertical links and Rear toe links all very well designed. I'm super happy with their products because they work and installation is no drama.

    Ford fasteners are quite poor on the mustang. Their tolerances are really wide. You get some fasteners go in loosy goosy and then another goes in like a tech screw biting its way through metal and leaving behind filings. I had another vendors brake lines not thread into the mustang. J&M's were no drama. J&M's rear upper shock mount has a flat bottom unlike some others. That means if you go true coilover and fear ripping the thin mustang metal, you can weld some plate to the bottom of the J&M mount and pick up more Mustang metal to shore up the mounting area. Ridetech is the only one with a big plated mount for their specific coil over shock setup. With the J&M mounts you can steal the idea and weld on more plate with no fuss because the bottom edge is flat. Rear Toe links! Anyone adjusting their suspension has to get them. Adjusting the Stock Ford toe links is an exercise in frustration. The J&M design is like a turnbuckle with precise repeatable no drama adjustment.
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