Review of SVE S350, Michelin PS4S, Steeda struts, springs, sway bar, Stop The Hop kit


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Sep 16, 2017
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2017 GT Premium
If Ford dropped the ball on anything on the new Mustang, it is the suspension. The stock ride is floaty, there is too much body roll in turns, it sits too high, the infamous wheel hop, and the stock Pirellis are just awful. My 2017 GT Premium non-PP got a suspension makeover, and I still cannot believe the difference it made.

Parts list:
Steeda Pro-Action non-adjustable shocks & struts
Steeda Progressive Sport springs
Steeda front & rear sway bars
Steeda Ultimate Stop The Hop kit
Steeda camber adjustment plates
SVE S350 wheels (20x10 squared)
Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

I got the wheels & tires first. My stock rims are 20" Foundrys. I forgot to weigh them, but the new SVEs are 26 lbs and I doubt they weigh more than the stock wheels. So I don't think changing the wheels significantly changed the dynamics. However, the Michelins are miles ahead of the Pirellis in terms of grip and quietness. Just changing the tires made the car feel more planted to the road, and inspired more confidence and "spirited" driving ;)

Next came the Steeda parts. I cannot fully explain the transformation that took place. The car went from almost embarrassingly soft/spongy and reluctant to take corners fast, to *seriously* nimble and agile. From "Do you really want to take this mixmaster turn at 80?" to "HELL YEAH bring it on!" My car now encourages (and rewards) aggressive driving. Anyone who has driven a Mini Cooper or BMW will know exactly what I mean (I use those as examples because I've owned both). The car now rides like a street legal go kart. Turn the steering wheel where you want to go, and there is no fuss, no laziness, no resistance to motion/inertia like before. The suspension absorbs large dips like a Dyson vacuum. You hear expansion joints more than you feel them. Over smaller/shorter dips, there is still a little choppiness/bounciness, but not nearly as exaggerated as the factory setup. The Steeda dampers do exactly what they are designed to do — reduce the amount of suspension travel, but without sacrificing ride quality or increasing harshness. The ride is firmer/tighter without being punishing. It is hard to describe, but it inspires much-needed confidence, and takes performance to a whole new level.

And as far as wheel hop...what wheel hop? :D
I plan to install a Whipple, and hopefully wheel hop will not return. I will post an update after the blower goes on.

For anyone who is even remotely considering upgrading the suspension with aftermarket parts, I *highly* encourage doing it. It will make you fall in love with your Mustang all over again :love:

I also want to thank [email protected], John and Rodney at Steeda for their help with the suspension components. Also LMR for the great wheels at a good price :cool:

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Mar 21, 2014
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