REVIEW - JW Racing installed Edelbrock Supercharger

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    I've had the supercharger on for over a week now and thought it best to let the dust settle before posting anything, not all problems occur immediately.

    Now that I've driven it a while, I couldn't be happier.

    I went with the Edelbrock kit because not only are they, in my opinion, the best looking kit on the market, there was also a clearance special where they were being sold at a ridiculously low price, about a 1/3rd off the price of a Roush. We snapped one of the last few up.

    Here are some pics from the installation, which involved upgrading the Oil pump gears and crank sprocket for piece of mind. Supposedly unnecessary, but I preferred to be cautious.











    Spec List
    • Edelbrock TVS2300 E-Force Supercharger
    • Edelbrock E-Force Competition Cold Air Intake
    • Ford Performance 90mm Throttle Body
    • Deatschwerks DW78 Injectors
    • JMS Powermax Fuel pump booster
    • Mishimoto performance oil separator
    • Mishimoto performance oil cooler
    • Mishimoto performance aluminium radiator
    • Mishimoto coolant expansion tank
    • Lund Racing tuned

    The plan was always to have it tuned by Lund, unfortunately it took them a while to get their calibration right due to incorrect voltage information regarding the IAT sensors so I was forced to load the Edelbrock tune. I can't thank "Edelbrock tech" enough for sorting this our for me at such short notice, it was 11pm here and after begging for an urgent response i had it on the car by midnight, having to leave the next day.

    I thoroughly expected to have issues with the tune as having read the Edelbrock troubleshooting thread a million times, others have had various drive-ability issues but even on the edelbrock tune it's pretty much fine. This is due entirely to that thread and JWRs ability to foresee the issues that may come up before they do. The only issue on that tune is the boost is inconsistent, doesn't always pull in the same manner, and if you look at it's graphs at the bottom of this post it becomes clear why. I ran with this tune for a few days, including a two hundred mile road trip to the Isle of Wight for a show which went hitch-free.

    Once Lund had got their voltages right it was on to the remote tuning which went pretty smoothly. I would recommend to anyone installing a charger to burn up as much 95-98RON fuel they may have in their tanks before having it fitted and run on 99 Tesco Momentum prior to install. I had a 1/4 tank of 97 mixed with 99 and we had engine knock. Now I burned all that off and have a pure tank of 99 Lund were much happier and in fact altered the timing to give a little more power too as they were much happier with the fuel.

    The car now pulls much earlier in the throttle position, on Edelbrocks the boost only kicks in on virtually WOT, but with lund it's about half way. Traction in the wet is laughable when you put your foot down, but normal driving is fine.

    Jason put it on the dyno on Friday and we tested both the supplied Edelbrock tune, and the custom Lund tune.

    Edelbrock stage 2 tune

    This is tuned for all the parts on the car, except it is expecting a DW400 fuel pump rather than a boost a pump which I have.

    670hp at crank and a shocking curve, perhaps due to the fuel pump?


    Lund custom tuned

    725hp at crank and a much smoother curve. This was on the tune prior to Lund giving it a little more so there's actually a bit more there now. It was also the 3rd run of the day so (due to the doing the edelbrock ones first) so the temps will have been higher than they could have.


    These figures are pretty much bob on what I was told to expect by both edelbrock and lund (after factoring in around 20hp loss for our RHD headers).

    All in all, absolutely delighted with both the kit and service form JWR, Edelbrock & Lund!!
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