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Discussion in 'Florida' started by WD Pro, Nov 4, 2019.

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    Can anyone recommend a Ford (performance) part dealer in the Kissimmee area ?

    I'm from the UK and coming over on holiday, even with the crap exchange rate parts are much cheaper in the states so I am hoping to pick up a ford performance gear knob and oil separator.

    We will be staying around the Disney / 192 area and Mullinax Ford looks to be about the closest, are they easy to deal with if I call in and order the parts at the start of my holidays and collect them towards the end ?

    Is there a better dealer you could recommend ?

    How do prices work in the states ? Is it just just RRP + state tax ? Will dealers do discounted parts sales and if so how much could I expect ? (I work for Exide, maybe they offer discounts etc based on that ?).

    Thanks in advance for any replies, advice and recommendations etc.

    WD :like:

    ps : Also looking to collect a Steeda H pipe if anyone's got any suggestions of how to work that one out - without inconveniencing family too much ... lol

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