Rear passenger seat panel rattle mystery fix

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    I found a rattle in the driver side rear seat area.

    If it sounds metallic it might be this. Certain vibrations would make it rattle and with my new mach thunder exhaust at certain rpms it will rattle too.

    A flap of the body panel isn't tight or something and it vibrates. The video points it out.
    I spent about an hour trying to figure it out. I ended up settling with gaffers tape instead and it worked. Trying to wedge your hand in that little hole and trying to shove a piece of foam under that flappy part of the panel is pretty hard.
    The other risk was I didn't want to drop anything down the abyss there to vibrate so whatever I used must be soft.

    I don't know if the convertible is different than the coupe but it's probably more accessible with a convertible. No trim panels need to be removed either. I had mine open because I thought I was chasing something else.

    I had to chase it down so hope this helps someone.
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