Project "Rae" - My Race Red 10 second DD build


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Mar 28, 2015
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Rhode Island
2015 Race Red GT Premium
INTRO: I'll try to keep tech heavy but I'm terrible at remembering to take pictures and notes when i'm in a build. Go figure because a buddy of mine and I own a marketing company and I own all sort of professional video/audio/still photo equipment but I spend so many hours running the company I rarely remember to bring it home. Good news is I did still get a good amount of photos and videos and will post them as I start to organize everything.

I call this project Rae because my daughter, Raegan, whose is just about 18 months is in LOVE with the car. She has a genuine smile on her face every time she hears my exhaust roar. It seems like she always wants "faster" but I of course barley break the speed limit with the car with her and my son in it. I just have named it after her because my family sacrificed with me to support me on the build and I know one day as my wife says "You always wanted your son to be your gear-head but I think it going to be your daughter". I can't walk out of the house without her saying "vroom Daddy I ready".


This is my 5th mustang (93 Fox (built in my teens before I could drive, put a 347 stroker), 99 New Edge GT, 05 GT, 13 GT Premium and now my 50th AP RR, Premium GT. It's my Daily, everyone always has been unless it's feet of snow then it's the wife's Tahoe ;).

Never driven a car I liked so much period. Saw it come to my dealers inventory and, waited for the right time then stole the car, price wise OTD.

Two days later it went in for tint 35%

A month later I got the Deal of a lifetime on a set of NICHE Targa's from a guy who got them for his 2014 and didn't like the look. Brand new for 50% off:

Next was the MBRB Street - I have nothing against this exhaust per se I've posted more detailed feelings else where but it just was too raspy for me in the end.

Now comes the tricky part. After about 5k I started to hear a noise coming from the drivetrain. It took three attempts at diagnosing and my car ultimately o.o.s for almost 45 day but my dealer was awesome and ford made it right and three transmissions later I got my car back in perfect shape. I had a nice 2014 track pack convertible for most the summer as a loaner.

THE BUILD: I had already thought of plans to do more and by staying on this forum i decided I was going to put a whipple kit with long tubes, ARH cat back and rxt along with some suspension work and some appearance goodies My goal is a 10 second DD. Since the car had the tranny out my dealer graciously agreed to put in the RXT kit and SS clutch line for me while it was out (bonus!). I actually "stole" my car from their lot one weekend and put the long tubes on. Was originally going to go with Kooks with green cats but after talking with Terry @ beefcake (he rocks BTW, get your stuff from him he always answered my calls and texts with questions and price is unbeatable) I went with SW SP series 1 7/8 with CATS. I ended up falling in love with the sound of ARH H Pipe and paired that with the SP headers.

Let me know what anyone is interested in seeing more of. The car is just finally tuned and finished. I had it dynoed today and in high humidity and temp 90+ it may 709/511 to the tire on 93 octane. Happy to keep this going but want it to be interesting. I did all the work myself with a couple buddies. If there is enough interest I will get the PRO equipment out for some Ultra high quality vids, pics and audio.....

List of Mods Done:

35% Tint

Diode Dynamics LED's (damn flashing switchbacks)

10" self contained JL Audio Sub

RXT Kit with Steel Flywheel and SS clutch line

1 7/8" SW SP headers with cats (made lead pipes straight through 3" to the...:

ARH H Pipe Catback

20x8.5 and 20x10.5 Niche Targa matte black with Nitto NT555

Full Whipple kit with Whipple Tune, Fan Upgrade, Upgraded 132MM throttle body, MSD Fuel pump voltage booster and most recent Whipple Calibration

List of Planned Mods:

Springs (still deciding)

DEI heat killer all over engine bay (wrap headers and coolant/A/C lines etc...

rear diff/torsional rigidity Suspension mods (still deciding)

Mech Boost Gauge in 1st from driver center vent]

N Gauge (for monitoring)?

Ford Racing Half Shafts

Whipple 10 Rib Pulley (more for the ATI damper) and Closed Airbox

Painted Calipers

New Tires

Whipple Catch Can

Temporary custom made switch to wirelessly remote Whipple fans or put them on a thermal switch/relay

Blacked out emblems

The car is an animal, sounds sick and drives great. What do you all want to hear about or see and hear?



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May 13, 2014
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Nothing exciting
Sweet anti-gravity kit! =P


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