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Discussion in 'Rockies / Midwest USA' started by sdwndr, May 28, 2015.

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    I recently moved to Minneapolis (southeast suburbs) from Chicago and will be purchasing a 2016/2017 Mustang GT sometime next year. I am still acclimating to life as a car enthusiast in this great state and I have quite a few questions. Thanks in advance for any help.

    1.) I've noticed, to my dismay, that MN has one of the stricter tint laws in the country and requires no more than 50% tint and a sticker on the driver window. I'm coming from IL where we are allowed 35% and that is what I would really like to put on the new car. How strict are they with enforcing this? Are there shops in the area that are willing to do this?

    2.) What are some of the more highly regarded performance shops in the area for installs, dyno tuning, etc?

    3.) Any recommendations for great detailing shops? I don't mean the $75 details at the local car wash. I like the high end detail shops that cost hundreds but really go above and beyond with fantastic attention to detail and services that include paint repair, engine detailing, etc.

    4.) Anybody putting in an aftermarket exhaust on their GT? I tried multiple different exhaust setups with my 06 GT before finding one I liked and vowed to find local people in the area to hear various setups in person for the next car. I'm specifically looking at the Roush quad tip exhaust, with maybe an H-pipe (with cats) in the future, but I'd be very interested in hearing others.

    5.) Speaking of exhaust…In IL, I believe the law is that any modifications to the exhaust to make it louder are illegal. However, it does not seem to be enforced much. I had longtube headers with a catted H-pipe, Borla Stingers, with resonators to tone it down a tad. It was loud, but not crazy loud and I never had any issues. Not to mention all the other Mustangs, Camaros, Honda civics with big mufflers and motorcycles rolling around the area. Is there anything I need to know about Minnesota as it relates to laws about exhaust modifications?
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    My experience is that the State Patrol is more likely to pull you over. I have had cars with 5%, and that was the only I was ever pulled over in, and it was by the State Patrol. He let me off with a warning. From what I have heard from other people that is very rare. In my case though he was pulling me over for speed, 72 in a 65. When he asked how fast I was going I said 71. So i was straight up with him. Maybe that helped maybe not. Either way I was given a warning for both. I live in SE area though not the metro. I went with 35 on my daily driver and 30 on my S550.

    Sorry I can't help you there.

    No clue, I do all my own detailing.

    Me too, that's actually what I came here to post:)

    I don't the know law specifically. I haven't heard of anyone getting tickets for their exhaust being too loud.

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