NEW PRODUCT RELASE: 2015-2019 Mustang GT Mid Pipes w/ S197 Header

Discussion in 'MAK Performance' started by AdrianMAK, Dec 20, 2019.

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    After years of the same question few questions. We are releasing a few NEW versions of our mid pipes to answer those questions.

    1: A true Bolt-On Solution for S550 Mid-Pipes. We have designed our ever popular mid-pipes to be able to be installed with the use of an S197(2011-2014 Mustang GT) Factory Header on the Driver Side. You keep your return to stock option and get all the power gains of switching to High Flowing Mid-Pipes.

    2: The Same Bolt-On as above but these are designed to be used with Aftermarket Shorties for an S197. (PM us, they are still being added to the website.)

    The pipes still flow just as good as always, none of the performance design has been altered. The power gains are still the same. 14-20RWHP Gains for Naturally Aspirated Applications and 35-40RWHP Gains for Supercharged Applications. Our intention was to make this already great offering better by allowing anyone to install these at home. We are still offering our regular Mid Pipes for those who are going to have them professionally installed. The original cut and weld design is still the easiest to install, but the welding isolated a bunch of the DIY guys.

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