New Ford 5.0 Coyote MMR Single Roller Secondary Chain & Billet Secondary Gear kit

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    NOW IN STOCK FOR 2011-2020 model years including GT500

    MMR is pleased to release its new GenX SINGLE Roller secondary chains and Sprockets kit for the 5.0 Coyote engines.

    In an effort to bridge the gap between our HD replacement chains and our Dual Roller GenX chains MMR has developed a price friendly street/strip chain and billet sprocket kit for those guys not competing at the the upper level but needing a chain capable of handling rev limiters and race duty.

    MMR recommends this kit on all applications with aftermarket valve springs and/or Camshafts or all applications using 2 step rev limiters due to the shock/load that the 2 step places on the secondary chains!!

    Dyno tested and rated by MMR up to 2000hp (for applications above this please see MMR Dual Roller Kit PN#467890)


    * Stronger Pitch Chain with Gigantic Roller Pins and Side plates compared to factory chains and upgraded style factory chains
    * Heat Treated Billet Steel Secondary Sprockets/Gears
    * E85 and Methanol resistant steel upper chain guides
    * Direct Bolt On - Plug and Play

    GenX Single Roller Chains x2
    Billet Steel Sprockets x4
    Billet Steel Upper Chain guide x2

    All 2011-2020 5.0 / 5.2/ and MMR GenX Coyote applications using camshaft lockouts (MMR brand lockouts are suggested PN# 451557, 451570 or 451518 )

    More info/ order here: http://www.modularmotorsportsracing...ucts_id=1092&zenid=2rb2jjjl95besm32tj320kmo13



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