MY18 A10 Mag vs GT350 vs M2 vs Stinger

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by Gibbo205, Jun 26, 2018.

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    Hi there

    I am sure a few here will find this interesting:

    M2 vs GT350 (Both on Michelin PSS):


    MY18 A10 Mag VS Stinger:


    So all four cars, same track, same driver, dry, Michelin tyres, though the MY18 is running the same GT 350 wheels, but is wrapped in PS4S instead of PSS and 4S is marginally more sticky tyre.

    So a great opportunity on how these cars handle on a tighter more technical circuit:

    M2 - 1:21.00
    GT 350 - 1:21.40
    MY18 - 1:22.10
    Stinger: 1:25.66

    Of course, on such a circuit the lighter the car generally the faster its going to go, which is why the least powerful M2 still puts in the quickest lap time.

    Interesting how close an MY18 A10 with mag ride gets to the GT350, its not quite there and one could argue its the extra 50 horses keeping the GT350 ahead and if power was equal they may infact be even closer.

    Then you see the dis-advantage of such a larger wheel base and heavy saloon car with AWD, it really suffers on such a tight circuit.

    Of course from a stand still its impressive how the Stinger with relatively low horsepower in comparison absolutely smokes them all, so much so that the others can't catch it within quarter of a mile.

    But those of you wondering how close your MY18's handle in comparison to a GT350, well if you specify the magneride it does indeed look pretty close and thats on a tight technical circuit. :)

    P.S. Remember the M2, Stinger and Mustang are all in the 40-50k region depending on spec. Of course there is a new M2 competition now ready for order which will be very quick indeed. Only the GT350 is not available to export market.
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    My ranking in terms of desirability would be GT350 by far, M2/MY18 about on par and then Stinger miles behind

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