Mustang Coverking Stormproof Car Cover

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Nov 18, 2014
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2015-2018 Mustang CoverKing Stormproof Car Cover From $319.95. Save with Code PHIL5 At Checkout

If you are looking for a car cover that can pull double duty by providing outstanding indoor and outdoor protection for your 2015-2018 Mustang then this is the car cover for you. This car cover uses a unique fabric that is both lightweight and durable. The stormproof car cover has a super soft backing that will protect your cars finish. This car cover is highly breathable so if your car is sitting out and gets wet do not worry about your car having a funny smell or with water sitting on your paint. This cover will easily pack up so you can take it with you when you are out driving your car. If you can only have just one car cover this may just be the car cover for you. CoverKing gives you many color options to choose, even two-tone options. Below we've built a configurator that allows you to build your own cover, to your specifications.


Indoor Outdoor 2015-2018 Mustang CoverKing Stormproof Car Cover

Our Stormproof Custom Car Cover is a unique, industry-leading, multi-purpose cover that is both lightweight and extremely durable. Manufactured to the exact specifications of your Camaro, this cover provides the best all-around protection against extreme weather.

Perfect for those living in the northwest region, this car cover also provides substantial protection against UV rays, snow, rain and other pollutants. On top of that, this fabric is uncoated and untreated so that it will never fade even after years of intense exposure to the sun. This cover can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Each CoverKing Stormproof cover is made with your specific vehicle in mind including mirror and antenna pockets to create a complete custom fit. This cover will provide great indoor and outdoor protection for your car.

Perfect protection against rain, snow and other harsh weather conditions
Outstanding protection from the sun
Colors won't fade
For outdoors & indoors
Lightweight material yet extremely durable


Like a fine suit, your cover is made to fit the curves and features of your vehicle. Our designers spent time with your model vehicle and used 3D scanners to record every compound, curve, and detail. That data is used to create a world-class cover with the fewest seams possible. Custom mirror and antenna pockets are sewn in to allow the cover to rest perfectly on your vehicle’s exterior.


Coverking designs its own fabrics and works with the world’s leading textile mills to handle manufacturing. With quality assurance teams dedicated to checking every batch of fabric, Coverking ensures that the material used in our products meet the most stringent assessments. We check to see if our material is breathable, allowing for the proper release of moisture. We exposed our fabrics to intense UV rays to make sure our fabrics do not fade over time. We go through a series of stress test to make sure the materials hold up for everyday conditions. Above all, our covers are checked before reaching our customer to ensure quality.



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