MT-82 vibration after new clutch and rebuild


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Dec 30, 2021
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2018 Mustang GT PP1, 1969 Mustang FB Restomod
Have a 18 GT PP 27K miles that started having clutch issues after some hard driving. Would not go into reverse, bad vibration and tough to shift into 1st and 2nd. Ford dealership covered it under warranty. They said some fingers on pressure plate come off and messed up clutch and alum housing. They replaced reverse gear and several other parts in transmission....said they basically rebuilt the transmission. Case was gouged and replaced part of it as well. Took 3 weeks to get all of the parts and the repair done.

Took the car on an easy drive yesterday to break in the clutch...about 400 miles with a lot of stop and go driving. Noticed there was a vibration that was coming through the shifter and increased with higher RPMs. I don't recall it having vibration in the shifter or clutch pedal before the issues. Took it for a spirited drive this morning and noticed the vibration was coming through the clutch pedal as well as shifter. The higher the rpm, the worse the vibration was. Push the clutch in and coast and the vibration goes away so definitely related to the new clutch. A little more spirited driving and the engine light started blinking. Took it back to ford and dropped it off.

Really looking for feedback from others if you experience any vibration through your clutch pedal or shifter like I am describing?

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