California Max Effort N/A Cams & Lockouts

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    Selling a set of very aggressive cams for a max effort N/A Build along with lockouts. Lockouts are assembled to the cam gear already so you won't have to gut your phasers.
    Used on my all motor build for about 500 miles before replacing with L&M Intake cams. I road course, so the loss of midrange was a deal breaker for me, though they did scream up top. Almost 570whp with these.
    Dyno pull showing these cams on a 5.2, 13:1, ported heads, CJ/Monoblade/PMAS motor on E85.

    Intake Lift: 0.576
    Exhaust Lift: 0.512
    Intake Adv Dur: 291
    Exhaust Adv Dur: 306
    Intake Dur @ .050: 252
    Exhaust Dur @ .050: 262

    Over 2K invested. $1200 shippedfull?d=1550591090.jpg full?lightbox=1&last_edit_date=1550591090.jpg full?lightbox=1&last_edit_date=1550591225.jpg

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