MAK Budget Boost Procharger P1X System


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Oct 16, 2014
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Miami, FL
2015 TY Mustang GT Premium
We are releasing a Budget friendly super charger system for the S550. We will provide the necessary basics, and you plug in your options. Our goal is to offer you a way to either purchase you system as your budget allows or to cater your options as you wish. Our budget system is for the S550 owner who wants to add a supercharger and is either not looking to set the world on fire or is budget conscious. The biggest deterrent over the years for our customers has always been the entry cost to a Supercharger system. Our Budget system is aimed at overcoming that obstacle.

Don't be fooled by the Budget Moniker, Budget in this case does not mean cheap components. We have tested the Procharger HO System and P1X to well over 750RWHP reliably on a daily driver.

The Basics:
Procharger HO Tuner System with P1Xs Head Unit
JMS FuelMax Fuel Pump Voltage Booster(Plug N Play Optional)

Choose your Options:
  • Blower and Bracket Finish
  • Choose your Bypass Valve(Systems over 11PSI should opt for the Red Race Valve)
  • Choose to upgrade to the Stage 2 Intercooler
  • Choose to add Fuel Injectors
  • Choose to add Spark Plugs
  • Choose to add our Custom tuning with your choice of Diablosport Device or use your own tuner.

Budget System Build Thread:

Dyno Sheet of Budget System in Action:

Link to Budget System:


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