Looking for Upgrade advice for a 2016 GT Premium Convertible


Oct 19, 2015
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2016 Ruby Red GT Premium Convertible w/PP
Have a 2016 Ruby Red GT Premium with Performance Pack on order. This will be a "nice day only driver" but will see its share of twisty's.

Had a 67 coupe through high school and college but had to sell when I moved away for work. Always wanted to customize it but never had the money. Now that I'm old and have the money I want some advice from people. Have a light bar and oil separator on order and think i've gotten the engine upgrades figured out. Already have a CAI on order and will do Long tube headers 1 7/8" (leaving the door open for supercharger) and a cat-back this winter.

I realize the Performance Package has upgraded components but am hearing that even the PP sway bars aren't as good as some of the aftermarket brands (Steeda etc.) but that the PP shocks are decent. Would like to drop it an inch or so & know I will need to add a caster/camber plate in front and adjustable toe link in rear. I do want to maximize suspension performance but would like to keep NVH and ride close to stock so I am concerned about going to some of the full subframe and differential bushing kits made from Aluminum and delrin.

Any advise/recommendations on suspension or engine upgrades? I trained as an auto mechanic in my younger years and am very technically competent so I will be doing all work myself (other than alignment after suspension mods)
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