Looking at buying a GT350. I need your input guys.


Dec 3, 2020
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This may be a little off the subject but looking to purchase my first GT350. I'm not new to Mustangs and have owned quite a few currently owning a 13' Boss which I love and will keep. This may be an unfair question but what's considered high mileage on these cars. More than likely my purchase would be from a reputable Ford dealer and it's tough to know the history of the car with the exception of a Carfax. I've got a total of about 48-50K to spend. Should I be looking at a 16' with low miles, or should I be looking at a newer 17's, possibly 18's with 12-18,000 miles. At the least I'd like a one owner car. I appreciate the input guys. Thank you


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Nov 9, 2013
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I have a 2016 GT350 track with 43,000 miles. I’ve done 8 track days ( not nearly as many as I should). Car does great but engine does consume 1 quart of oil every 1500 miles or so.

GT350 gearing is tall. 1st gets you to 50+ MPH, and 2nd to ~80; 3rd is 110 IIRC. That means you don’t have many opportunities to rev it out on the street.

Engine makes great torque from 3500 RPM to redline. Below 3500 it’s a bit soft for its displacement. You need to be willing to drop a gear or three to get the most of it.

The car really comes alive on the track. It seems to shrink the faster go, most tracks will let you use 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gears, and you will be above 4000 RPM in all but the tightest turns, so any negatives from the gearing and soft low end won’t be noticed.

If you do want to track, make sure the car has all the coolers. In the early years you need to make sure you get the track version.

Of course there will be lots of vibrations with the engine, which will lead to some rattles in the dash, and the windshield is pretty thin and cracks easily (I’m on my fourth), but overall the GT350 is an amazing car and will certainly be a future classic no matter how many miles are on the clock.

Not sure exactly what the Mach1 will offer, but it would need coolers as well if you’d ever want to track it.

Edit: just looked at the Mach1 and they say it has the engine, transmission, and diff coolers, so it should be good to go. It also gets a rev match option which is pretty sweet for track use. Wonder if they’ve added sensors to the Tremec to allow that or if is software based. That is one feature I would like to have on the GT350 to help clean up a bad heel-toe shift attempt.

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Jun 15, 2015
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Thanks for the responses. When I look at the Mach 1 and paying nearly 60K it seems either get an older stick GT or a 350.

For those of you that owned both a 350 and a GT how different is the driving experience?
Sorry that I am a little late in posting a response.
I have owned a 2015 GT Performance Pack and recently traded in a 2019 GT Performance Pack 2 for my 2019 GT350.
The best thing that I can tell you is that the driving experience is truly the next level. I have always enjoyed performing simple bolt on mods to my old GTs, but after 6 months of ownership so far, it needs nothing! Those mods were only an attempt to mimic what this car already has.
Driving the car is truly a all encompassing experience. The sound of the Voodoo, the gearing and the noticeable mechanical grip out of all corners in comparison to the GTs puts a smile on my face every time. It does not have the low end torque and it feels like a coyote motor initially, but the wide power band and high revs of the voodoo is a great compromise. The brakes are much superior to the GT and have no problem providing the whoa needed.
I just love it the way that it is. IMHO this car is very predictable at the limit and not as near as scary as the PP2 at the limit.
All I have done is a resonator delete.
The car is truly an experience that I look forward to as I tell my wife that I am going in another therapy session!
Oh, also you lose a good 4-5 mpg highway to the GT, but I don’t care.
Additionally, these Ford Performance Spec Cup 2 tires wear a lot better and is vastly better in the rain than that of the Cup 2 tires that came with the Performance Pack 2 in my experience.

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