Gen 5 Whipple Stage to Gen 3 Coyote UK

Discussion in 'Whipple Superchargers' started by Jamboo, Feb 27, 2020.

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    Evening All,

    I have a question and I hope someone can shed some light on it, So I have a 2018 s550 GT with the MT82 box with a Stage 2 GEN5 Whipple supercharger the only other mods are a cat-back Borla Atak with X Pipe, running on Whipples Tune, Since my car is in the UK is runs a GPF that the US Cars do not have and I am running on stock headers and cats. The car is quite poor on fuel too Circa 13-14mpg running on 99 Octane Shell V Power

    Since having the super charger installed I am noticing on downshifting or foot off the gas the car pops quite loudly out the exhaust (BANG BANG BAABBBANG), whilst this may appeal to some it is quite annoying before the charger no bangs just the nice rumble. I know of at least one other car that exhibits the same issue with a similar exhaust setup (Borla S Type, but with Kooks headers and high flow cats NO GPF) .

    The youtube videos I have seen with the MT82 and Stage 2 Whipple in the US do not bang just get the nice rumble. Also having just watched a Clive Sutton CS800 which is a similar setup to mine does not exhibit this behaviour.

    Is this normal or could be a dodgy Whipple stock tune given that the UK Cars are slightly different to the US Counterparts.

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