Forum Map for GT350R carbon rim tire mounting shops


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Feb 21, 2017
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Bear with me guys, as this is a bit of an experiment I want to try. One of the tasks for R owners is locating a tire shop that is capable and trust-worthy of mounting tires on the carbon rims. Even after finding shops that have the Hunter touchless changers, I found that quite a few shops will still be unwilling to mount the tires, or if it's a dealership for a different make, be unwilling to mount the tires if it's not one of their cars they service.

I had thought a public spreadsheet might be a good idea, but Google has an option to create custom maps, that can be community edited. I've created a map which can be accessed at the link below. There are two "layers" to the map. The first layer is where you can add shops that you've used and had a good experience with. I added a second layer called "no-go", meaning a shop that you thought may be able to but couldn't, or you wouldn't recommend. If enough people add the locations of the shops they used, this could become a resource for other R owners.

1. Click the appropriate layer on the left side: "Positive Source" to add a shop you'd recommend, or "no-go".
2. In the search bar, search for the name of the shop. When located click the button that says "Add to map." (As an added help, you can change the color fill to green for good ones, or red for no-go's.


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