First Autocross in 10 years--CAM C--2nd place over all Camaros.


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Feb 13, 2015
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2016 DIB Base GT with PP
Let me preface this by saying that I've been a track rat for about 3 years with this car. I have hundreds of laps with it in all configurations and changes over that time.

I decided to give autocross another shot after a long absence so I attended my first event with Houston SCCA on Saturday. CAMC class is filled with Gen5 and Gen6 camaros with an F-body Camaro winning most classes. I gave it all I could.

First 2 runs, I missed a gate so got 2 DNF's. I then rode with a buddy to confirm where I missed the gate. He then rode with me. Afterwards, he gave me some pointers to help make the change in driving style from track to autocross a little easier/productive.

Those tips helped me drop a second on the next run. After feeling good, I pushed a little more the next run and ended up 0.7 seconds off the lead. The F-body driver went on a tear in the next run and dropped his time and I lost little over a tenth of a second. I ended up 2nd by 1.1 seconds.

Since Saturday, I've decided I'm going to stick with this autocross thing for all of 2020 and see how things pan out. I'll probably throw some TT events in during the year, too.

Here is my quickest run. Unfortunately, My SmartyCam HD didn't trigger correctly (my user error) so I missed the first few gates of the course.

I definitely could have driven more aggressively, but I'm happy. I ended up 2nd in class, 29/97 in PAX time and 30/97 Raw time.

Not bad for a first time.

Car is setup well and I have to thank @BmacIL for the setup tips.




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