Ecoboost Dyno Session with Stock and Tuned Ecoboost


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Oct 16, 2014
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Miami, FL
2015 TY Mustang GT Premium
We had a stock ecoboost mustang come into the shop and we got the opportunity to dyno it stock and then with a JLT Intake and Diablosport Trinity. This was just the tune that comes included on the Diablo devices. We found some areas of improvement, but for a canned tune they are definitely no slouch. We are still developing our ecoboost custom tuning and will have more on that shortly.

We overlayed the graphs to show the gains. Gotta say we are impressed with the numbers. Very Nice gains for not a lot of money. This customer opted for the Trinity for the extra features, but the I2 will produce the same numbers for under $400 dollars.

The runs were done back to back on our in-house Mustang Dyno we installed the JLT intake on the dyno and made the pull with the car still at operating temp. Runs are labeled in the picture.

We did make a few subsequent pulls and by the third pull we can really see the limitations of the factory intercooler. On the third pull the car made significantly less power from heatsoak. We already knew this information just from driving the car, but it was obvious on the dyno.

We have an intercooler that will be releasing shortly,it is currently being tested on our shop car and the numbers are impressive. We will have more on that as soon as we are ready for release.

Here is that heatsoak graph for reference.