Cars and Coffee in Gardena, CA (Chemical Guys)

Discussion in 'M6G SoCal Cruisers' started by 03 Jo, Feb 21, 2017.

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    Greetings guys and gals,
    You are courteously invited to a Cars and Coffee!

    This is our, Alpha Coyotes 5oh, first hosted event. This Cars and Coffee will be located at Chemical Guys' Gardena location;14108 S Western Ave, Gardena, CA 90249 [MENTION=17112]10[/MENTION] am. Unfortunately we couldn't get an adequate amount of Mustang teams to pledge their support and it has now turned into an all make and models event. We would like to see as many Stangs as possible but as long as we have a large turn out it will do. The link below is a video made for this event. If you can't make it and you know someone that can spread the news. Hope you guys and gals could join us!

    -Scythe, aka Jose
    I'm going to repost all the flyers I have on my Instagram [MENTION=10252]5.0[/MENTION]_Sythe

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